Alia Sultan Mardin Menengic Coffee 250 g Pack

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Authentic Traditional Rich Flavour - Made of Wild Pistachios - Resinous Taste - Excellent Aroma

Arnas Agro Inc.
Alia Sultan

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☕ A TURKISH COFFEE THAT IS NOT COFFEE AT ALL: Menengic coffee or Kurdish coffee is a traditional hot beverage in Kurdish and Turkish cuisines which is made of ground roasted Terebinth fruits (the wild version of Pistachio) as the main ingredient and it is caffeine-free.

🌱 SOURCE: Menengic tree is a plant variety native to Iran. It grows in the southern parts of Turkey. We know that the leaves, fruits, flowers, and roots of the menengic tree have been used for various purposes from ancient times to the present day.

😋 AMAZING NUTTY FLAVOR: It is so creamy, nutty, and tasty. It has a resinous mouthfeel with definitely an authentic taste. It has a softer flavor than regular Turkish coffee, so if you find Turkish coffee very strong, you will prefer menengic coffee.

☕HOW TO PREPARE: Pour a coffee cup of water or milk (8 cl) into a pot (cezve). Add a dessertspoonful of coffee. Optionally add sugar & stir well. Heat the pot until it foams on low heat. After foaming, pour in your cup.

🥦SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS: All vegetarians can enjoy our product which consists of only Terebinth and coffee cream.


Shelf life (Months) 2 years
Storage conditions Store tightly closed in a cool and dry place.
Net weight 8.82 oz
Gross weight 8.82 oz
Packaging Plastic bag
Ingredients Arabica Coffee, Terebinth
Origin Türkiye


Ecrin Aksoy

A great choice for coffee lovers and those who want aroma.

"Kahve sevenler ve de aroma isteyenler için çok güzel bir tercih"

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09.08.2022 21:45
Aloisia Fischer

Excellent product. Fresh and enjoyable Turkish coffee. Highly recommended.

18.06.2022 23:09

Have you ever experienced the distinctive wholesale terebinth coffee, which is Alia Sultan Mardin Menengic Coffee we serve? A member of the pistachio family is terebinth. Traditional caffeine-free coffee is traditionally made with wild pistachios. Buy the unique Alia Sultan Mardin Menengic Coffee wholesale from

The Mill at Terebinth strives to offer high-quality coffee, thus we roast our own beans to guarantee the freshest coffee possible! Our green coffee beans are imported from Mardin, Turkey. They provide individualized service and keep an eye on each step of the coffee production process to assist coffee roasters in achieving exceptional outcomes. We provide a wide variety of mixes and single origins, and we're always experimenting with new ones.

Alia Sultan Mardin Terebinth Coffee, which is a wholesale Menengic coffee, is for goodness sake and suitable for vegetarians. keeps the wholesale terebinth coffee in an airtight container and keeps it in a cool, dry place for yours.