Iskele Dried Figs - 300 g

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100% Natural Dried Figs - No Additives - Natural Sweet Snack - Source of Natural Fiber - Nutritious - Tasty

Arnas Agro Inc.

If you want to buy Figs wholesale, you can buy Iskele Dried Figs - 300 g produced by Iskele company from and supply your business with this Figs.


:seedling:ORIGIN: Although the fig is often referred to as a fruit, it's a group of tiny flowers growing inside an edible shell. Most of the world's figs are grown in Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Spain, and California. For Iskele Dried Figs, we dry high-quality figs grown in the Aegean Region of Turkey under high hygienic conditions.

:stethoscope:HEALTHY: Dried figs are high in potassium which may contribute to normal muscle function. Not only that, dried figs are high in fiber and a source of vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, copper, and manganese. They’re also remarkable for their phenolic content, a type of antioxidant. We assure you that our product consists of naturally dried and carefully selected figs and does not contain any additi

:sun_with_face:WHY DRIED FIGS: While fresh figs are available for a short period and are hard to store, the dried figs are easy to store, have a much longer shelf life, and are more accessible. Apart from that, they are also nutritionally similar to the fresh ones. Although some water-soluble vitamins are lost in the drying process, the fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds increase during the process.

:yum:TASTY: Dried figs will fascinate you with their deliciously nutty flavor, concentrated sweetness, and chewy texture.

:fork_and_knife:HOW TO CONSUME: You can enjoy dried figs as a healthy and delicious snack and appetizer during snack times or before the meal. Or, you can use them in savory and sweet recipes. For instance, try pairing dried figs with goat cheese and caramelized onions for an exceptional treat. They can also be baked into bread, muffins, and biscuits, or chopped up in rice dishes and served with meats. Using a pair of scissors is one of the easiest ways to cut up figs. If dried figs become too hard, soak them in water to reconstitute them.

:sparkles:DRIED FIGS IN OLIVE OIL: We have a perfectly healthy recipe from the famous polymath Avicenna. Put 40 pieces of dried figs in a jar and then pour olive oil onto the top of the jar. Close it and keep it for 40 days, during these days the figs will absorb a lot of olive oil. Eat one fig before every meal.


Shelf life (Months) 24 months
Net weight 10.58 oz
Gross weight 11.39 oz
Packaging Vacuum pack
Origin Türkiye


Marie Richter

I’m about to order my second pallet. I think that says it all. Always leaves me wanting more. It's delicious

12.01.2023 22:55
Ayşe Ünal

In our family restaurant, we use dried figs in many recipes. That's why I often order from this brand

"Aile restoranımızda, kuru inciri pek çok tarifte kullanmaktayız. Bu yüzden sık sık bu markadan sipariş veriyorum"

Translated by Google
02.05.2022 15:35

Dried figs, which are high quality products in terms of skin, flavor and meat ratio, are with you with the opportunity to wholesale. İskele harvests the products from its cultivated lands, and prepares these special dried figs under hygienic conditions without compromising its understanding of quality. İskele Dried Figs in bulk, grown with traditional farming methods.

Our dried Black Figs in bulk are deliciously wonderfully chewy and sweet. Dried figs wholesale were revered as a fruit of peace and prosperity by the ancients and were regarded as a sacred fruit. Black figs have high calcium and iron content, and one serving has 20% of your daily fiber needed.

Where to buy Wholesale Dried Figs?

In Turkey, figs of various types are grown. These figs aren't picked until they are fully ripe and beginning to dry up on the tree branches, which normally happens between mid-August and mid-September. After being harvested, figs are exposed to the sun for a lengthy drying process.

One of Turkey's well-known and significant agricultural exports is dried figs. Turkey is the biggest producer and exporter in the world of sundried figs products. İskele dried figs in bulk, there are many physical shapes, packing, and varieties.

Dried figs in bulk are molded into different forms and packed after being cleaned and treated. The figs have no preserves or additions to the fabric. Get over to and access wholesale varieties of dried figs wholesale.