Rosebella Rose Water 250 ml

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Rosebella Rose Water 250 ml - 100% Pure Rose Water - No Chemicals - At Least 10% Rose Oil - Ideal As Both A Cleanser and A Tonic - Cleans and Tightens Your Pores

Arnas Agro Inc.

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🌹 DAMASK TYPE ROSES: Rosebella brings a miracle from Anatolian lands to your skincare routine. Our rose, known as the Damask rose, is the most special of the rose varieties. Say hello to the miracle with "Rosa Damascena", originating from the Isparta region of Anatolia! The miraculous Damask rose extracts contain riboflavin, calcium, potassium, pyridoxine, zinc, fiber, iron, magnesium, A, B3, C, D, and E vitamins as they exist in nature.

💖HEAVENLY FRAGRANCE: You will be amazed by its heavenly fragrance that will help you to relieve the stress of the day.

⌛HISTORICAL IMPORTANCE: Rose water is one of the best-kept ancient beauty and wellness secrets of all time. Loved by goddesses, kings, queens, and prominent historical figures, it has proven to be a wellness elixir for centuries. Avicenna, a 10th-century Persian scientist, is credited with the invention of refined rose water.

✨PURE ROSE WATER: Hand-picked Damask roses are distilled for a long time by Rosebella in high-pressure copper retort boilers while preserving all the features in their organic structure. Our product has 100% Rosa Damascena flower water which contains at least 10% flower oil.

👸 USAGE: Suitable for all ages. Suitable for daily usage. Ideal as both a cleanser and a tonic. Gently apply the product you have put on a piece of cotton to your face for deep make-up removal. It starts to show its effects from the first use. Cleans and tightens your pores. Use with other products in the Rosebella skin care range for the best and fastest results.


Shelf life (Months) 24 months
Net weight 0.55 lb
Gross weight 0.64 lb
Packaging Plastic bottle
Ingredients Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil
Origin Türkiye


Luise Lange

Ever since I’ve added this to my skin care routine, my skin has looked so alive and refreshed. It also works well with the products that I use. It gives the moisture power an extra boost for my face :) This is now one of my essentials list forever.

30.07.2022 21:42
Yiğit Arslan

Since adding this to my skincare routine, my skin has looked so vibrant and refreshed. It also works with the products I use. It gives an extra boost to the moisture power for my face. I love the freshness and moisturizing effect of rose water.

"Bunu cilt bakım rutinime eklediğimden beri cildim çok canlı ve tazelenmiş görünüyordu. Kullandığım ürünlerde de işe yarıyor. Nem gücüne yüzüm için ekstra bir destek veriyor. Gül suyunun verdiği ferahlığı ve nem etkisini seviyorum"

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08.06.2022 01:11