The Mill Andiz Extract 250 ml Glass Bottle

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Cold pressed - Does Not Contain Added Sugar - Healthy Alternative to Refined Sugar - Does Not Contain Any Preservatives or Colorants

Arnas Agro Inc.
The Mill

If you want to buy Baking Flavors & Extracts wholesale, you can buy The Mill Andiz Extract 250 ml Glass Bottle produced by The Mill company from and supply your business with this Baking Flavors & Extracts.


🍴USAGE: You can start the day full of energy by consuming a dessertspoonful of andiz extract on an empty stomach in the morning. The Mill Andiz Extract can be mixed with water and consumed as fruit juice, or you can decorate your cakes with our product. You can use The Mill Andiz Extract, which has a naturally sweet taste, instead of refined sugar in your desserts and create healthier versions of recipes.

💖INGREDIENTS: Cold pressed sugar-free andiz extract. Our product is obtained by condensation of fruit under a vacuum. Does not contain any preservatives or thickeners. Does not contain added sugar.

🍀VEGAN/ VEGETARIAN: The Mill Andiz Extract is made of condensed fruit extract. It is suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets. Vegans and vegetarians can consume this product without hesitation.


Shelf life (Months) 24
Net weight 11.29 oz
Gross weight 19.58 oz
Packaging Glass bottle
Origin Türkiye


Mustafa Aslan

I often use Andız extract, which is a natural sweetener and healthy ingredient. I will place an order again for our cafe. Thanks!

"Doğal bir tatlandırıcı ve sağlıklı içeriği olan Andız özünü sık sık kullanıyorum. Kafemiz için de yine bir sipariş oluşturacağım. Teşekkürler!"

Translated by Google
09.08.2022 08:56
Emma Walter

If you want all natural pure Andız extract, then this is clearly your choice. It will be a little more expensive than other artificial ones, but it's got that real andiz taste you'll enjoy.

08.12.2022 08:33

Produced from the Andız tree, andiz extract is a pine species from the Eastern Mediterranean region. Pallet Grid is the stock supplier of The Mill organic extracts wholesale. You can get all the fruit extracts and supplies you need at market-leading prices with no gimmicks.

The mature fruits of the needled andiz tree are used to make molasses and andiz extract. The andiz extract contains high concentrations of several vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E and calcium. Browse through our andiz extract in bulk to learn the wonderful advantages of mother nature's therapeutic and healing touch and lead a healthy life.

The Mill Andiz Extract to cook in the Restaurant

Every morning when you begin your day, you can take a tablespoon of the product and take advantage of its energetic and healthful composition. You may blend The Mill Andiz Extract in bulk with tahini or honey to mask its bitter and strong flavor, or you can just put a teaspoon in a glass of water to drink.

Andız extract is obtained by cold pressing the Andız fruit. It does not contain any thickeners or additives. It does not contain saturated fat, trans fat, or added sugar.

All andiz extract bulk enclose an appearance with blue and purple when mixing ingredients. The Mill Andiz Extract is sold wholesale on Pallet Grid. Suppliers will often pack products in sheltering bags to preserve freshness and quality.