The Mill Date Extract 250 ml Glass Bottle

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100% Natural - Cold pressed - Does Not Contain Added Sugar - Healthy Alternative to Refined Sugar - Does Not Contain Any Preservatives or Colorants

Arnas Agro Inc.
The Mill

If you want to buy Baking Flavors & Extracts wholesale, you can buy The Mill Date Extract 250 ml Glass Bottle produced by The Mill company from and supply your business with this Baking Flavors & Extracts.


:fork_and_knife:USAGE: You can start the day full of energy by consuming a dessertspoonful of date extract on an empty stomach in the morning. The Mill Date Extract can be mixed with water and consumed as fruit juice, or you can decorate your cakes with our product.

:stethoscope:HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO REFINED SUGAR: You can use The Mill Date Extract, which has a naturally sweet taste, instead of refined sugar in your desserts and create healthier versions of recipes.

:sparkling_heart:INGREDIENTS: 100% cold-pressed sugar-free date extract. Our product is obtained by condensation of fruit under a vacuum. Does not contain any preservatives or thickeners. Does not contain added sugar. Does not contain allergen material.

:four_leaf_clover:VEGAN/ VEGETARIAN: The Mill Date Extract is made of condensed fruit extract. It is suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets. Vegans and vegetarians can consume this product without hesitation.


Shelf life (Months) 24
Net weight 11.29 oz
Gross weight 19.58 oz
Packaging Glass bottle
Origin Türkiye


Nisanur Şahin

I like to use this product in muffin creams made in our patisserie. When we mix it with a little colorant, we get really appetizing muffins.

"Bu ürünü pastanemizde yapılan muffin kremalarında kullanmayı seviyorum. Biraz renklendiriciyle karıştırdığımızda gerçekten iştah açıcı muffinler elde ediyoruz"

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24.05.2022 07:06

Dates are a very well-liked fruit with their many advantages as well as their delicious flavor, growing in the warm and sunny Middle East. Dates, which may be eaten dried or fresh, are regarded as a classic taste. This unique flavor is used in desserts, cookies, and coffee. Date extract wholesale is a unique option for your restaurant and coffee shop.

Date stabilizes blood sugar, and enables us to avoid processed sugar as an alternative to heavy desserts. The Mill Date Extract, which is obtained by the cold pressing method, preserves its nutritional value at the highest possible level since it is not exposed to high heat.

Now, date extract, which is produced by preserving the natural structure of the fruit, is on sale in as wholesale. You can buy the Mill Date Extract as in bulk, which provides an intense feeling of the unique date flavor.

Date extract, which can be added to coffee, can also be used in medicine. The Mill Date Extract, which has completely natural ingredients, is in bulk sale at It does not contain added sugar.

Dates extracted wholesale sold on complies with food-grade and medical-grade standards to ensure customer safety. For long-term storage, especially large batches are usually stored in drums that are easy to ship. Find wholesale date extract online from Turkey date extract wholesalers and dropshippers. We help you get high quality at bulk prices.