The Mill Ethiopia Yirgacheffee Coffee Beans 250 g

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Expertly Roasted Whole Beans - 100% Arabica - Smooth Flavor Reminiscent of Citrus Fruits - Suitable for Filter and Cafetiere Brewing Machines

Arnas Agro Inc.
The Mill

If you want to buy Coffee wholesale, you can buy The Mill Ethiopia Yirgacheffee Coffee Beans 250 g produced by The Mill company from and supply your business with this Coffee.


🌱SOURCE: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee is grown around the Ethiopian city of Yirga Cheffe. Ethiopia is one of the best coffee-producing countries in the world.

🚀HIGH ALTITUDE: Our coffees are made of the coffee plants' seeds grown at high altitudes. Since the growth rate of the coffee plant slows down as the altitude increases, the flavor that the plant gives to the fruit increases in time. This gives the coffee tree additional time to deliver nutrients to the coffee and develop the best flavors.

🍴HOW TO CONSUME: Suitable for filter and cafetiere brewing machines. To brew filter coffee with the french press: first, grind your coffee beans with a home grinder. Then, Boil 17 ml of water per 1 gram of coarsely ground filter coffee. Add the coffee and the water to the french press and wait for 4-6 minutes. Let it brew and pour the coffee into your cup after pressing it at the end of the time. Bon Appetit!

😋DELICIOUS: It has a deliciously smooth flavor reminiscent of citrus fruits and has no bitter aftertaste.

💖FRESHER: The freshest form of coffee is when it is first ground. If you buy a home grinder and grind your coffee just before drinking it, you cannot have enough of its taste and flavor.



Shelf life (Months) 24 months
Net weight 8.82 oz
Gross weight 8.82 oz
Origin Türkiye


Derya Çakır

After trying several coffee beans, this one felt the smoothest

"Birkaç kahve çekirdeği denedikten sonra, bu en pürüzsüzü geldi"

Translated by Google
02.06.2022 01:16
Susanne Fischer

After searching several tries we decided to try this out and our customers love the smoothness and flavor.

30.10.2022 04:10

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Wholesale Ethiopia Coffee Prices

100% arabica single origin coffee from Ethiopia. Luxurious texture with flavors reminiscent of citrus fruits and has no bitter aftertaste. Order wholesale Ethiopia coffee beans direct from the roaster at the lowest prices. We custom roast and package in large 5 lb bulk bags with a one-way degassing valve only the best 100% arabica specialty gourmet coffees from all over the world.