The Mill Fit Whole Black Olives 700 g Glass Jar

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Max. 2% Salt - Unpitted - in Brine Solution - Olives from the North Aegean Region

Arnas Agro Inc.
The Mill
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🧂MAX. 2% SALT: If you want to both savor the taste of olive and minimize the amount of salt you consume, The Mill Fit Black Olive is for you. Our product contains no more than 2% salt.

🌱 SOURCE: The Mill Fit Whole Black Olive is produced from the olives in the North Aegean region is embellished with phenolic acid components and is rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties.

🍴HOW TO CONSUME: You can consume The Mill Fit Whole Black Olives at your breakfasts pouring olive oil on your olives, adding various spices, and squeezing lemon on them. With The Mill Fit Whole Black Olive, you can make piyaz and salads and add flavor to recipes containing olives.

💧IN BRINE SOLUTION: Packed in its brine. Olive brine is a mixture of salt, vinegar, and water but as olives marinate, the liquid takes on a wonderfully rich and delicious olive flavor.


Gross weight 2.27 lb
Net weight 24.69 oz
Olive type Black fit olives
Packaging Mason jar
Origin Türkiye
Frangible Yes
Shelf life (Months) 24 months
Dimensions 14.5 cm (height) x 36.8cm (width) x 27.5 cm (depth)
Ingredients Black olives, water, salt, firming agent (calcium chloride), color stabilizer (iron lactate / iron gluconate)


Luise Lange

My favorite fit black olive, shipped right to my doorstep. This pack comes at a much lower price than you could get in retail stores, so the value is great.

14.11.2022 00:21
Yiğit Arslan

The unsalted olives we offer as an extra at the open buffet breakfast are very popular.

"Açık büfe kahvaltıda ekstra olarak sunduğumuz tuzsuz zeytinler çok seviliyor."

Translated by Google
14.10.2022 16:55

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Our olives, collected from centuries-old trees grown in the fertile lands of the Aegean, do not contain any additives.

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