The Mill Gourmet Green Kalamata Olives 300 g Glass Jar

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Unpitted - in Brine Solution - From Kalamata Region in the Peloponnese of Greece - Rich in Oleic Acid - Green Colour & Smooth

Arnas Agro Inc.
The Mill

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🌱 SOURCE: The Mill Gourmet Green Kalamata Olive is produced from Kalamata olives, named after the Kalamata Region in the Peloponnese of Greece. Kalamata olives are in high demand all over the world with their high oil rate and nutritious value. Kalamata olive trees, which have a 3,500-year history, having bigger leaves than the leaves of other olive tree species, can reach a higher nutritional value due to the maximum level of sunlight absorption.

👨🏻‍🌾 QUALITY: The Mill Gourmet Green Kalamata Olive does not contain any preservatives or additives. After Kalamata olives mature in their branches, they are collected and kept in special olive pools for a while. Then, we package them for you without adding any chemicals. It is produced under high hygienic conditions and delivered to your table with care and love.

🍽️ FLAVOUR & USAGE: The Mill Gourmet Green Kalamata Olive has a characteristic flavour thanks to its unique properties of the leaves of Kalamata trees. You can add a special interpretation to your food culture with Kalamata Olives, which are considered as one of the most distinguished delicacies in the world. You can consume it at breakfast, as a dressing to your salads or as a snack in your healthy diet. It is suitable for vegans.

🍃 NATURAL: The Mill Gourmet Green Kalamata Olives is naturally produced under high hygienic conditions, thus preserving its vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties.


Olive type Green Kalamata olives
Shelf life (Months) 24 Months
Net weight 10.58 oz
Gross weight 17.64 oz
Packaging Mason jar
Origin Türkiye


Mustafa Aslan

We loved these green olives. It is much better than the other Kalamata olives we have tried and the size is nice too.

"Bu yeşil zeytini sevdik. Diğer denediğimiz Kalamata zeytinlerinden çok daha iyi ve boyutu da güzel"

Translated by Google
28.08.2022 14:34
Walter Krause

We love these olives. We've tried some other big jar kalamatas; these taste better and have better texture.

11.10.2022 03:17

To provide the greatest flavor and texture possible, all of The Mill's olives are naturally ripened and unpasteurized. By combining the best kinds and ingredients of wholesale The Mill Gourmet Green Kalamata Olive, we hand-mix these fresh olives in small amounts to create distinctive blends.

The amount of nutrients in olives varies depending on the kind. Wholesale olives have a significant vitamin and mineral content. They are a good source of group B, A, C, and E vitamins. Sodium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron may be identified among the minerals.

Turkey is one of the top producers and growers of fresh olives in the world thanks to ideal climatic conditions. Turkey's year-round availability of fresh olives makes it possible for wholesale providers to continuously ship to other nations. We can send the necessary quantity of olives to any location in the world at any time of the year as a wholesale supplier of olives.

Olives are elongated oval-shaped fruits that are often green or black in appearance. The sole distinction between green and black olives relies on the stage of ripening, even though they are both the fruits of the same tree. Fruits are green while unripe, and as they ripen, they change to pale crimson, purple, and finally black.