The Mill Gourmet Grilled Olives 280 g Glass Jar - With Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spice Mixture and Garlic

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Ideal for Salads and as Snack and Breakfast - Naturally Processed

Arnas Agro Inc.
The Mill

If you want to buy Olives & Capers wholesale, you can buy The Mill Gourmet Grilled Olives 280 g Glass Jar - With Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spice Mixture and Garlic produced by The Mill company from and supply your business with this Olives & Capers.


🍽️ USAGE: The Mill Gourmet Grilled Olive can be added to all your meals as it can be used at breakfast tables. It can be used in all kinds of salads, added to grilled vegetable diets, and consumed with nuts at snack times.

🍃 NATURAL & HEALTHY: The green olives used in The Mill Gourmet Grilled Olive are hand-picked and not subjected to any chemical processes. The Mill Gourmet Grilled Olive does not contain artificial flavours, sweeteners or thickeners.

🌿 IDEAL FOR FOODIES AND VEGANS: Just made with only grilled green table olives, spices and garlic, this vegan-friendly product can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans without any hesitation. It is also a good alternative for those searching for a new and delicious taste.

👨🏻‍🌾 QUALITY: The Mill Gourmet Grilled Olive has green olives grilled at low temperatures to increase their taste and preserve their nutritional value. After grilling, olives are mixed with fresh natural garlic, and a special spice mixture. Finally, they are packaged with olive oil and pasteurised.


Olive type Grilled green olives
Shelf life (Months) 24 Months
Net weight 9.88 oz
Gross weight 16.93 oz
Packaging Mason jar
Origin Türkiye


Felix Arnold

Great texture, and flavor. Had never tried these in a jar before.

14.09.2022 22:28
Mustafa Aslan

Buying olives with their own sauce allows you to add another taste to your breakfast table. Very beautiful and delicious

"Zeytini kendinden soslu olarak satın almak, kahvaltı sofrasına bir tat da daha eklemenizi sağlıyor. Oldukça güzel ve lezzetli"

Translated by Google
10.01.2023 00:26

Olives picked from trees of the Aegean region and Grilled in The Mill grill machines. It incorporated the taste of spices and garlic during the marination period. Wholesale The Mill Gourmet Grilled Olives is the essential part of your tables at every meal.

The complimentary flavor of your meals is provided by wholesale The Mill Gourmet Grilled Olives made by hand with exceptional care. Brine-flavored stuffed wholesale green olives have a gourmet flavor.

Do you search for wholesale grilled green olives? The great combination of green olive, spices and garlic. Wholesale green olives from the North Aegean Region are in high demand all over the world because of their high nutritious value.

From the point of manufacturing to the point of packing, you may consume this product without any additives or preservatives. You and your family may eat these olives for breakfast, a noon aperitif, salads, pastas or dinner.

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