The Mill Gourmet Orange Jam 470 g Glass Jar

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From Mediterranean Garden Oranges - 57.5% Orange Pieces, Fibers & Peels - Ideal for Breakfast, Dessert and Cake Decoration - Natural - Pasteurised

Arnas Agro Inc.
The Mill

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🍽️ USAGE: The Mill Gourmet Orange Jam can be consumed at breakfasts. Besides breakfasts, it can also be used in cakes and decorations, mixed with yogurt as a flavor enhancer. You can decorate your dry cakes and make orange-flavored cookies and cheesecakes with them.

😋 FLAVOUR: The Mill Gourmet Orange Jam contains natural orange pieces, orange fibers, orange peels, and fruit juice. Thanks to The Mill's sustainable gourmet recipe expertise, it does not have a bitter taste. It has the flavour and appetizing scent of seasonal oranges.

🌿 IDEAL FOR FOODIES AND VEGANS: Just made with only orange and sugar, this vegan-friendly product can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans without any hesitation. Delicious Mediterranean oranges, including their peels, transformed into a flavor of rich aroma and a unique consistency.

👨🏻‍🌾 QUALITY: The Mill Gourmet Orange Jam is made of garden oranges grown without pesticides and with good agricultural standards. Due to its low sugar content, the saccharification does not occur when refrigerated.


Shelf life (Months) 24 months
Net weight 16.58 oz
Gross weight 24.34 oz
Packaging Mason jar
Ingredients Thin-skinned garden orange, sugar
Origin Türkiye


Ecrin Aksoy

Orange peels in orange jam are great! The flavor of the product is intense and it is obvious that it is not a simple jam sweetened with sugar. The best orange jam I've ever eaten

"Portakal reçelinin içerisindeki portakal kabukları harika! Ürünün lezzeti yoğun ve şeker ile tatlandırılmış basit bir reçel olmadığı çok belli. Yediğim en güzel portakal reçeli"

Translated by Google
22.12.2022 22:38
Oliver Otto

My favorite flavor and brand. I am the only one in the house that eats and is a long time favorite

29.05.2022 09:15

Orange, one of the indispensable fruits of the winter season, is a cure for diseases with its high vitamin C content. Organic orange jam made from orange fruit has a pleasant and tart taste.

In addition to being rich in vitamins C and A, oranges also have an effect that makes you fall asleep. People who have trouble sleeping can speed up this process by eating oranges before going to bed. There are options for selling, which are The Mill Gourmet Orange Jam bulk and wholesale.

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