The Mill Gourmet Sundried Tomato Paste 320 g Glass Jar

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No Chemicals Added - Ideal for Cooking - Naturally Processed - A Delicious Flavour Enhancer - Pasteurised - Vegan-Friendly

Arnas Agro Inc.
The Mill
New Jersey

If you want to buy Gourmet wholesale, you can buy The Mill Gourmet Sundried Tomato Paste 320 g Glass Jar produced by The Mill company from United States and supply your business with this Gourmet.


🍽️ USAGE: The Mill Gourmet Sundried Tomato Paste can be consumed in all your meals. You can prepare sauces for your pasta, pizza and add it to all pastries and snacks. It can also be used in local delicacies such as meatballs, dried stuffed vegetables (farci), and walnut crush. Since our product is ready to use, you can serve and eat at any time and any place. It is a delicious sandwich spread for a healthy office snack or a barbecue party.

🍃 NATURAL & HEALTHY: The Mill Gourmet Sundried Tomato Paste is produced by natural processes with hand-picked garden tomatoes and is free from chemicals, preservatives, artificial colourings and flavours. It is pasteurised in order to protect nutrition values throughout its shelf life.

🌿 IDEAL FOR FOODIES AND VEGANS: Just made with sundried tomatoes and trace amounts of salt, this vegan-friendly paste can be consumed by vegetarians and vegans without any hesitation.

👨🏻‍🌾 QUALITY: The Mill Gourmet Sundried Tomato Paste is made of tomatoes which are selected carefully. Tomatoes are crushed and ground with salt under high hygienic conditions and left to dry to reach its paste form. The Mill Gourmet Sundried Tomato Paste does not contain any artificial flavours, colorants or thickeners.


Gross weight 1,146.40 lb
Net weight 11.29 oz
Packaging Mason jar
Origin Türkiye
Shelf life (Months) 24 Months


Yiğit Arslan

Dried tomato paste is much more delicious than normal. This seems like the only tomato paste I can use from now on. It's so good that I often hear the question "What spices did you add to the food?" Dried tomato paste :))

"Kurutulmuş domates salçası, normalden çok daha lezzetli oluyormuş. Bundan sonra kullanabileceğim tek salça bu gibi geliyor. Öyle güzel ki yemekler için buna ne baharatı attın sorusunu çok duyar oldum. Kurutulmuş domates salçası :))"

Translated by Google
09.06.2022 10:49
Oliver Otto

A couple of tablespoons add extra flavor to your soups or gravies. Its taste really good

18.11.2022 02:06

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What is the difference between tomato sauce and tomato paste?

To create tomato paste, tomatoes are cooked down, their seeds and liquids are removed, and what is left is a product that is extremely thick, highly concentrated, and has a strong tomato taste. While tomato sauce has a thinner texture and is frequently cooked with a lot of aromatics.

This canned tomato paste in bulk makes it simple to thicken sauces for spaghetti, pizza, and other well-known Italian cuisine. This paste has a heartier texture that will adhere to noodles and other dishes better than thinner sauces since it is thicker than puree and other types of diced tomatoes. Additionally, this all-natural paste has a rich, farm-fresh tomato flavor because it is made entirely from tomatoes.

What is the purpose of tomato paste?

Tomato paste is frequently used to add flavor to soups and stews as well as to thicken sauces. Salsas, spicy sauces, marinara sauce, and pizza sauce are just a few examples of condiments and sauces that employ tomato purée as their foundation.

What is a tomato paste substitute?

How to Replace Tomato Paste with Tomato Sauce or Puree. If you run out of tomato paste, you don't need to rush to the shop; tomato sauce and tomato puree are also great alternatives. Use 3 tablespoons of tomato puree or sauce for every 1 tablespoon of tomato paste that is required.

Why use tomato paste in spaghetti sauce?

When preparing a tomato-based pasta sauce, tomato paste is an excellent ingredient to have on hand since it may enhance the already-present umami tomato tastes. This straightforward marinara sauce, which may be made entirely from canned tomatoes, has it as a crucial component.

Do you have to cook tomato paste?

To caramelize tomato paste and bring forth its full taste, you must "cook" it. The best way to do this is to add it to the pan after cooking your aromatics, along with your herbs and spices.

Can you make tomato paste from sauce?

Simply warm up your sauce in a skillet to make it into a paste. Stirring continuously while it simmers will cause the liquid to decrease by half. A 15-ounce can of sauce should yield around 7 ounces of paste in about 10 minutes.