The Mill Grape Molasses 620 g Glass Jar

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Halal - Vegan-Friendly - Naturally Processed - Ideal for Breakfasts and as Snack - Mixed with Tahini - Energy Provider - Delicious

Arnas Agro Inc.
The Mill

If you want to buy Molasses wholesale, you can buy The Mill Grape Molasses 620 g Glass Jar produced by The Mill company from and supply your business with this Molasses.


🍇 INGREDIENTS: The Mill Grape Molasses is made of pure grapes. It is produced by crushing grapes under hygienic conditions.

🍴 USAGE: The Mill Grape Molasses is the perfect substitute for sugar. It is suitable for sauces, and desserts, as an ideal dipping snack, and as a bread spread. Generally, 75% grape molasses is mixed with 25% sesame paste at breakfast for extra flavor.

NATURAL: The Mill Grape Molasses does not contain any additives, thickeners, or sweeteners.

VEGAN/VEGETARIAN: Since The Mill Grape Molasses is made from 100% grapes, it is suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.


Shelf life (Months) 24
Net weight 21.87 oz
Gross weight 31.39 oz
Packaging Mason jar
Ingredients 100% Grapes
Origin Türkiye


Mustafa Aslan

I love the taste of molasses. This brand's is also very good, its sugar content is a little higher than normal.

"Pekmezin tadını çok seviyorum. Bu markanınki de çok iyi, şeker oranı normalden biraz yüksek"

Translated by Google
16.01.2023 07:39
Yiğit Arslan

The taste of the molasses and the packaging were both very good.

"Pekmezin tadı da paketleme de çok iyiydi"

Translated by Google
21.06.2022 16:56
Oliver Otto

The best molasses I've ever had, love it! Sweet and delicious.

09.05.2022 02:59
Mika Weiß

The molasses and packaging are fine

18.05.2022 02:12

Organic molasses is a frequently used ingredient in the kitchen. Molasses, which is its own natural sugar, does not need sweeteners or refined sugar. You can also sweeten many desserts with organic molasses wholesale, including your vegan desserts.

Grape molasses wholesale has a semi-sweet aroma. You can bake banana-nut bread with molasses, use it in simit, and cook salty hot peppers. It has a consistency that can be added to sweet breads, cakes, pies. It is also possible to use molasses, which has high nutritional value, alone. Bakers may simply make their favorite dishes, such as cookies, cakes, and muffins, with the same wonderful results as refined sugar and a fraction of the calories. ships to the USA, UK, Germany and Russia and you can simply purchase bulk The Mill Grape Molasses here.

Our bulk grape molasses is produced from pure, mature sugar cane. The cane is harvested and then crushed into juice. The juice is then evaporated through a boiling process which promotes sugar crystallization.

What are the 3 types of molasses?

There are several different varieties of organic molasses wholesale depending on whether it is from the first boiling, second boiling or third boiling. However, organic molasses is classified into five types: blackstrap, light, dark (or medium), treacle, and sorghum (which is technically not a molasses). Molasses wholesale is a kind of sweetener. According to some authorities, it is healthier than sugar.

Grape comes from the third boiling, when the majority of the sucrose from the initial juice has crystallized and been removed. As a result, grape molasses is the darkest and thickest of the many varieties, as well as having the most powerful, strong flavor (sometimes it is described as slightly bitter). Grape molasses wholesale is reported to be high in micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese. It also contains a lot of potassium.

It has long been marketed as a dietary supplement, but it is also used in baking and cuisine to produce gingerbread, cookies, BBQ sauce, and marinades.