The Mill Natural Black Olives 200 g Glass Jar

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Unpitted - Olives from the North Aegean Region - Single Source - Ideal for Breakfast - Vegan-Friendly - Meaty

Arnas Agro Inc.
The Mill
New Jersey

If you want to buy Olive wholesale, you can buy The Mill Natural Black Olives 200 g Glass Jar produced by The Mill company from United States and supply your business with this Olive.


SOURCE: The most natural combination of black olive, salt and corn oil. Black olives from the North Aegean Region (Gemlik region) are in high demand all over the world with their high nutritional value. They have a unique taste and size different from other olives.

QUALITY: Special olives grown in fertile lands of the Turkish Aegean coast are carefully collected and delivered to your table without any chemical preservatives.

FLAVOUR, USAGE: The Mill Natural Fermented Black Olives has a characteristic flavour with its salty and sour taste. You can consume black olive at breakfast, as a dressing to your salads or as a snack in your healthy diet.

NATURAL: The Mill Natural Fermented Black Olives is fermented under hygienic conditions, thus preserving its vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties.


Gross weight 7.05 oz
Net weight 7.05 oz
Olive type Black fermented olives
Packaging Mason jar
Origin Türkiye
Frangible Yes
Shelf life (Months) 24
Dimensions 7.0 cm; h 13.0 cm


Oliver Otto

The packaging of the products I bought in bulk was very nice

06.05.2022 06:44
Onur Özdemir

The packaging was very good and I liked the taste too.

"Paketleme oldukça iyiydi, lezzetini de beğendim"

Translated by Google
30.04.2022 04:42

The Mill Natural Back Olives are the indispensable product of breakfast. This fruit, which is unique to the Mediterranean region, has a history as old as human history. Especially black olive varieties are especially frequently consumed by many people. Wholesale black olive production is higher than green olive production. Wholesale black olive producer companies produce these olives with natural formation and do not pose a health problem. In this respect, bulk black olives are one of the most famous varieties.

Wholesale natural black olives are also wildly popular, and include best region olives, Kalamata olives, This black olive is sweet and mild. Wholesale The Mill Natural Black Olive is one of the largest varieties of olives, also green.

Die Mill Natural Back Oliven sind das unverzichtbare Produkt des Frühstücks. Diese im Mittelmeerraum einzigartige Frucht hat eine Geschichte, die so alt ist wie die Menschheitsgeschichte. Besonders schwarze Olivensorten werden von vielen Menschen besonders häufig konsumiert. Die Großhandelsproduktion von schwarzen Oliven ist höher als die von grünen Oliven. Großhandelsunternehmen für schwarze Oliven produzieren diese Oliven mit natürlicher Bildung und stellen kein Gesundheitsproblem dar. In dieser Hinsicht sind lose schwarze Oliven eine der bekanntesten Sorten.

Große natürliche schwarze Oliven sind ebenfalls sehr beliebt und umfassen Oliven aus der besten Region, Kalamata-Oliven. Diese schwarzen Oliven sind süß und mild. Großhandel The Mill Natural Black Olive ist eine der größten Sorten von Oliven, auch grün.