The Mill Natural Black Olives 450 g Glass Jar - S-XS (291-350 pcs/kg) Sized

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Unpitted - Olives from the North Aegean Region - Single Source - Ideal for Breakfast - Vegan-Friendly - Meaty

Arnas Agro Inc.
The Mill
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SOURCE: The most natural combination of black olive, salt and corn oil. Black olives from the North Aegean Region (Gemlik region) are in high demand all over the world with their high nutritional value. They have a unique taste and size different from other olives.

QUALITY: Special olives grown in fertile lands of the Turkish Aegean coast are carefully collected and delivered to your table.

FLAVOUR, USAGE: The Mill Natural Fermented Black Olives has a characteristic flavour with its salty and sour taste. You can consume black olive at breakfast, as a dressing to your salads or as a snack in your healthy diet.

NATURAL: The Mill Natural Fermented Black Olives is fermented under hygienic conditions, thus preserving its vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties.


Gross weight 26.81 oz
Net weight 15.87 oz
Olive type Black fermented olives
Packaging Glass bottle
Origin Türkiye
Frangible Yes
Shelf life (Months) 24 months
Dimensions 14.2 cm (height) x 8.97 cm (width) x 8.97 cm (depth)
Ingredients Black table olives, vegetable oil, salt


Nisanur Şahin

I bought this brand for the first time, I will continue to order it from my restaurant because I like its taste very much.

"Bu markayı ilk kez aldım, tadını çok beğendiğim için bundan restoranıma sipariş vermeye devam edeceğim"

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06.11.2022 09:25
Henriette Ziegler

Being a first timer using this brand, I was impressed at how it is perfect for breakfast

08.11.2022 23:29