The Mill Natural Fermented Black Olives 900 g PET Jar - XS (321-350 pcs/kg) Sized

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Unpitted - Olives from the North Aegean Region - Naturally Processed Single Source - Vegan-Friendly

Arnas Agro Inc.
The Mill
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🌳NATURALLY FERMENTED: Does not contain any additives. It was ripened only by keeping it in water and salt without any extra processing. It has a unique taste and an appetizing appearance.

😋DELICIOUS: We collect delicious Gemlik (North Aegean region of Turkey) type olives, which are famous for their small pits, thin skin, and meaty pulp, from centuries-old olive trees. Enjoy the delectability!

🍴HOW TO CONSUME: You can consume The Mill Natural Fermented Black Olives in your breakfasts pouring olive oil on your olives, adding various spices, and squeezing lemon on them. With The Mill Natural Fermented Black Olives, you can make piyaz and salads and add flavor to recipes containing olives.

🥦VEGAN-FRIENDLY: All vegetarians and vegans can enjoy our product which consists of table olive, salt, and vegetable oil.


Gross weight 35.17 oz
Net weight 31.75 oz
Olive type Premium black olives, Black fermented olives
Packaging PET bottle
Frangible No
Shelf life (Months) 24 months
Ingredients Table olives, salt, vegetable oil
Product dimensions 15.5 cm (height) x 11.5 cm (width) x 11.5 cm (depth)
Product gross weight 960 g


Derya Çakır

It tastes good and is of good quality. My favorite olive brand

"Lezzeti güzel ve kaliteli. Favori zeytin markam"

Translated by Google
15.04.2022 00:06
Henriette Ziegler

Good flavor and excellent value. My favorite black olive now.

09.11.2022 10:44 delivers delicious and fresh black olives to you through wholesales. Olive, which is the subject of research by experts, can be consumed during the day. These olives are consumed every day at their full size.

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What is the best black olive?

Black olives can be fleshy, juicy, pickled or salted. Depending on preference, pitted olives are sold. However, olives with seeds are more delicious because they are less processed. The timely harvesting of gourmet olives greatly affects its taste.

The ripening period of olives determines the variety and olive color. All olives start out green and can turn from dark purple to black as they ripe. You can reach wholesale The Mill Natural Fermented Black Olives on