The Mill Tahini Halva with Pistachio 500 g PET

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Natural Source of Fiber - Halal - Vegan-Friendly - Ideal for Breakfasts and As Snack - Energy Provider - Tasty

Arnas Agro Inc.
The Mill

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🤩 TAHINI HALVA: Tahini halva is hearty and nutritious. It is also one of the most preferred desserts for centuries because it is healthy and energizing.

HIGH-QUALITY: The secret of our quality comes from our chosen materials and craftsmanship. The best quality Turkish sesame seeds are selected, processed, and made into tahini. Tahini is added with top-quality pistachios from the Gaziantep region of Turkey. The mixture is kneaded using traditional methods.

🍴 USAGE: The Mill Tahini Halva with Pistachio can be consumed at any time of the day. It can be consumed at breakfasts, during, or after a meal as dessert. Tahini halva is a healthy alternative dessert for desserts with high-sugar content.

🌿 VEGAN USE: Suitable for vegetarian and vegan consumption since it does not contain any kinds of dairy products.


Shelf life (Months) 24
Allergens May contain hazelnuts and other nuts.
Net weight 17.64 oz
Gross weight 19.05 oz
Packaging Box
Origin Türkiye


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