Мыло ручной работы Артизанальная коллекция Бентонит-Каолиновая глина The Soap Factory - Картонный коробок 100 г

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Мыло Ручной Работы Коллекция Artisan Каолиновая глина и Бентонит,The Soap Factory - 100 гр - Для Жирной Кожи

Arnas Agro Rus LLC
The Soap Factory
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✨CLAYS IN SKINCARE PRODUCTS: Clays are well known for their amazing cleansing and purifying properties and they have been used on the skin for centuries. While the properties of each clay vary, they are most commonly used in skincare because of their absorption properties. When applied, clay removes excess oil from the skin, leaving it balanced and clean.

💪KAOLIN CLAY: It is the mildest of all clays and is suitable for people with sensitive skin. Helps draw out oils without being harsh on the skin. Stimulate blood circulation to the skin which helps brighten the skin. It has a larger particle size which can provide gentle exfoliation and cleansing.

💖100% NATURAL AND HANDMADE: It is 100% handmade and natural. It does not contain SLES, paraben, alcohol, coloring agents, animal products, gelatin, EO.

🧼USAGE: It can be used every day or every other day, depending on how oily the skin is. Later the soap in your hands and apply the face with circular motions. Then, rinse with plenty of water. Moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer.

⛄COLD-PRESSED: Our soap is produced with cold-pressed oils and cut by hand. With this method, pure vegetable oils and natural glycerine in the soap were preserved. Vitamins and minerals were preserved. Our soap does not cause drying on the skin like other types of soap.

🌍 ECO-FRIENDLY: Respecting the environment and animal rights are our number one priority, we attach great importance to this in our facilities and each step of the production. Since natural and herbal ingredients are used in production, the surrounding of the facilities is green and clean. In this way, the benefit for everyone from the first stage of production to the moment of usage is in the first place.

🤗 FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: It is suitable for all skin types including normal, dry, oily, and combination skin.

🤩SPECIAL DESIGN: Artisan Soaps that impress with their special designs offer aesthetic options. Thanks to their elaborate designs, these soaps create a pleasant decoration effect when not in use.


Форма мыла Bar
Происхождение Türkiye
Срок годности 24 months
Вес брутто 100.00 g
Ручной работы Yes
Вес нетто 100.00 g
Эффект и полезные свойства cleansing, exfoliating


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В моей семье у всех чувствительная кожа. Мне нравится нераздражающий характер этой марки.

"Ailemde herkes hassas cilt yapısına sahip. Bu markanın cildi tahriş etmeyen yapısını seviyorum"

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03.02.2023 07:21
Walter Krause

В моей семье у всех чувствительная кожа. Мыло этой марки всегда было безопасным в использовании и не вызывало раздражения кожи.

"Everyone in my family have sensitive skin. This brand have always been a safe soap to use without any skin irritations."

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13.07.2022 15:36