The Soap Factory Herbal Glycerin Orchid Soap Bar 100 g

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The Soap Factory Herbal Glycerin Orchid Soap Bar 100 g - For A Perfect Hair and Brighter Skin - 100% Natural - Beautifies the Skin - For All Skin Types

Arnas Agro Inc.
The Soap Factory

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🌺 ORCHID SOAP: The extract of orchids is used in the leading products for skincare and hair in Asian countries. It makes your skin smooth and your hair shiny. It protects the skin from external factors. With the extra-intense glycerine it contains, it cleanses the skin and contributes to the softening of the skin and maintaining its moisture balance.

💧CONTAINS A HIGH AMOUNT OF GLYCERINE: Glycerine (otherwise known as glycerin or glycerol) is a small, naturally occurring molecule that is used in a wide range of products including cosmetics, medicine and food. Glycerine works as a humectant thanks to its chemical structure. Humectants are moisturizing chemicals that grab and hold onto water. This improves the water retention ability of the skin when applied topically – helping to moisturise it.

✨NATURAL & HERBAL: Made of natural and herbal ingredients. Contains real flower and fruit extracts collected in the season.

👃 APPEALING SMELL: It has an aromatic and pleasant smell. While cleansing the skin, it also appeals to the soul.

😍 AMAZING APPEARANCE: It gives a decorative atmosphere to bathrooms with its colorful appearance and smell.

🚿 USAGE: Gently rub the entire body, lathering it on the scrub. 2 days a week is ideal for use with a loofah. It is suitable for daily use in the shower and sink. It is a soft soap and you can lather it easily. It does not leave a residue on the skin.


Effects and benefits exfoliating
Shelf life (Months) 24 months
Net weight 3.53 oz
Gross weight 3.53 oz
Packaging Box


Onur Özdemir

The products arrived quickly and when I first opened the box, a nice smell spread around.

"Ürünler elime çabuk ulaştı ve kutuyu ilk açtığımda etrafa güzel bir koku yayıldı"

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05.03.2023 23:26
Aloisia Fischer

Came quick and smells great!

05.05.2022 08:39

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